Primetime Vacations Specials knows that Tahoe is one of the best destinations to travel to for those who want to enjoy a day outdoors. There is a wide range of outdoor activities that are available in this area all year around. During the winter, people can go ice-skating, snowshoeing, sledding, tubing, and much more. In the summer months, guests are able to go hiking, biking, swimming, and climbing. For those who are looking for the top rock climbing spots in Lake Tahoe this summer, look no further. These are some of the best spots for rock climbing in the area.

Big Chief: This popular climbing spot is located in the Truckee River Canyon and is the largest formation in the area. Big Chief stands at over 250 feet and has over 90 routes available. These routes range in difficulty and are perfect for both beginners and advanced climbers, say the travel experts at Primetime Vacations Specials.

Twin Crags: Located in the Truckee River Canyon, the Twin Crags offers great trails and views and is one of the most secluded spots to climb. This spot is also ideal during the winter, as the two columns usually prevent the area from getting snowed in.

Donner Summit: Primetime Vacations Special shares that Donner Summit boasts over three hundred routes and also is home to the best bouldering in the city. This top spot offers some of the most scenic views that you can find, with routes that are perfect for all different levels. Because of the location, this spot is perfect in the summer because of its cool weather.