Travelers are encouraged by Primetime Vacations Specials to see some of the best impressionists starring in Las Vegas this spring.


Las Vegas entertainment is known for its variety and every show on The Strip is a unique showcase of talent with performers specializing in everything from dance to magic. One type of performance that Las Vegas is especially known for is it impressionists and multi talented comedians who give their best versions of famous celebrities. There are a variety of different impression shows in Las Vegas that will thrill all kinds of visitors. Here, Primetime Vacations Specials reviews some of the great impression shows and performers that can be seen on an upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

  1. Abba The Concert- Direct from Sweden: On May 10th at the Eastside Cannery Casino Hotel, visitors can see the legendary group come alive in a special performance. This tribute show will allow travelers to hear their favorite Abba hits in this amazing tribute to the legendary Swedish band. Tickets to this one time performance start at just $17.95 so Primetime Vacations Specials encourages music lovers to get their tickets for this event now.
  2. Gordie Brown: Performing at the Gordie Brown Showroom at the Golden Nugget, Gordie Brown delivers a night of impressions that is varied and extraordinary. Brown does both comedic and musical impressions of a vast number of celebrities from Eminem to Elvis. With a funny take on pop classics and beloved characters, Primetime Vacations Specials knows that this show will offer those who visit a hilarious night of unbelievable comedy.
  3. Terry Factor- The Voice of Entertainment: One of the top performers found in Las Vegas today, Terry Factor is a multi-talented showman. In addition to being a ventriloquist, Terry Factor is a master impressionist. Primetime Vacations Specials encourages visitors to see this show to experience a unique performance that is sure to impress as Factor embodies his colorful puppet characters and performs well-known music pieces as their original artists.


These impressionists are sure to do more than impress as these performances bring together a number of extraordinary aspects to create unforgettable showcases that will offer true excitement to every Las Vegas visitor that takes part in the show. Along with all of the other amazing entertainment available on The Strip, these impersonation performances are an unforgettable treat. To start planning an upcoming Las Vegas vacation complete with amazing entertainment visit